JV Partner Mistakes: Avoid Losing Out Big Time!

Hey there, fellow business enthusiast! Let’s talk about some common blunders that can scare off your JV partners faster than a squirrel on a caffeine rush. We all know that JV partners and affiliates are like magical unicorns for us coaches and product sellers. They wave their wands of promotion, sprinkle their fairy dust of praise, and help us reach a wider audience than we could ever dream of. So, let’s not mess it up, shall we? Here are a few missteps to avoid.

The Missing Promotional Calendar

Listen, my entrepreneurial amigos, we’re all obsessed with planning. We have calendars for our calendars! If you want to win over your potential affiliates, do them a solid and create your very own promotional calendar. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece or stretch into next year, but it should give them a heads-up on upcoming launches. Let’s keep them in the loop, so they can work their magic in sync with your genius.

Launching Solo

Hold your horses, my friend! If you’re about to unleash a magnificent product launch, remember this: don’t even think about launching without your affiliates on board. We all have lists that may overlap, and if you hit yours before allowing your affiliates to do their thing, you’ll be leaving them in the dust. That means lost sales for them and some seriously ticked-off JVs. Trust me, you don’t want that kind of bad mojo following you around.

JV Partner Mistakes Avoid Losing Out Big Time

The Sales Stealer

Here’s a no-brainer, folks. If you’re tempted to create your own affiliate link for your products, just stop. Seriously, halt right there! Sending emails to your list or posting on Facebook with your own affiliate link is like stepping on the toes of your faithful affiliates. In most systems, your self-promotion will override their hard work. Translation: you’ll be swiping their sales, and no JV partner will be itching to promote you after that. So, let’s keep our hands off their well-deserved commissions, shall we?

Snail-Paced Payments

Hey, remember that promise you made to pay your affiliates on time? Yeah, that’s a commitment you should take as seriously as a squirrel hoarding nuts for winter. There’s no excuse, my friend, for failing to pay your affiliates promptly. If you said you’ll pay monthly, you better prioritize it like a kid in a candy store. Never, and I mean never, dip into their hard-earned cash to cover a surprise bill or seize an opportunity. That’s bad news, bad vibes, and will brand you as unreliable faster than you can say “JV partnership gone wrong.”

Share The Love

Remember, my quirky compadres, your JV partners and affiliates are precious treasures in this business jungle. Treat them like the shiny gems they are, and they’ll shower you with increased sales, more leads, and enough social love to make your heart skip a beat.