Hiring an Assistant? Tackle These 3 Questions First!

Hey there, entrepreneur friend! Are you ready to level up and take your biz to new heights? Hiring an assistant is a game-changer, and bonus — it frees up your time to focus on growth! But before we dive into the hiring process, let’s chat about three crucial questions to ask yourself. Get ready to make magic happen!

Hiring an Assistant? Tackle These 3 Questions First!

Hiring an assistant is like finally finding your favorite coffee order, but for your biz. Growth, baby, growth! Just like picking out the perfect avocado, there are key questions to consider when choosing your assistant. Let’s dig in!

Question 1: What flavor is your ideal assistant? (We mean “kind,” but flavors are fun!)

  • Do you want someone who is just starting out so you can train them in the way you like things done or do you want someone with experience who can just run with a job until it’s complete? 
  • Novice or pro? Do you want to train from scratch or get someone with experience? Decisions, decisions.
  • Time zones, exclusivity, handling other clients… oh my! What factors matter most to you?

Question 2: Can you afford to treat yo’self (to an assistant, that is)?

  • When you’re buried in work, an assistant seems like a fairy godmother! But can you afford the magic?
  • Be your own financial guru – analyze that budget and find a sweet spot for your assistant’s salary.
  • Remember, experience and hourly wage go hand-in-hand (kinda like peanut butter & jelly).

Question 3: What biz tasks will your assistant conquer?

  • Before singing “you’re hired,” decide what tasks your assistant genie will grant (like a 3-wish to-do list).
  • Make your interviews a smidge more productive by discussing specific tasks – no more awkward small talk!
  • Show off your delegation skills and let your potential assistant feel like a valued team player.

Bonus Round: Interview Process Hacks

  • Keep an eye out for professionalism and dedication – it’s their Hogwarts letter to be a part of your biz!
  • Time-watchers vs task completion enthusiasts: who’ll bring that extra zest to your biz recipe?
  • Give your hiring routine a glow-up: advertise, review resumes, interview – oh, and don’t forget to sparkle while doing it!
  • Love video chats? They’re perfect for interviewing virtual assistants! (PJs optional).

When it comes to hiring an assistant, don’t forget these three fab questions and the bonus hacks. They’re like your personal Beyoncé backup dancers for the hiring process.

You’re a superstar! Take the stage, and find the perfect assistant to bring your big dreams to life. Go slay and create an unstoppable team!