Hectic Schedule? 4 Ways to Maintain Your Cool in the Chaos

Do your days seem to include more chaos than peace lately?

You set a plan in motion to accomplish specific tasks and feel like the plan is well underway when something unexpected happens to disturb the flow… and all of a sudden, your day goes from manageable and controlled to hectic and chaotic.

It’s so easy to lose your cool in a scenario like this, especially if you felt poised to hit your targets to begin with. With so much happening, staying calm can be quite the challenge! And the worst part is that more and more days seem to end up this way.

How can you escape this chaotic daily cycle?

Although you can’t control the unexpected, these approaches will help you develop the coping skills to see you through until the end of a hectic day – or a hectic time in your life:

You have the skills and experience to conquer challenges.

Think back to every difficult situation you or others around you have experienced and see just how many times the fallen have gotten back up. As hard as it is to deal with setbacks and other challenges, you’ll make it through!

  • Remind yourself that you can handle unexpected situations.
  • Look back at what you’ve achieved so far and the obstacles you had to overcome in order to get what you wanted.
  • Meditate on how much stronger you’ll be when you get to the other end of the tunnel.
  • Take it in small bites until things settle down.

It’s not as bad as it seems.

If you take a moment to assess the situation for what it truly is, you’ll realize that things might not be as bad as they seem. As hectic as you think it is, it isn’t the worst that could befall you. The minute you recognize that, your coping mechanisms kick in to help you start to find solutions.

  • Wear a smile even in the midst of the turmoil. It’s a proven technique that helps you cope.
  • Be your own hero – push yourself to make it through the tough times.

Take five.

When things get a little tough to deal with, there’s no harm in taking a time out. Allowing yourself to break from the chaos and just breathe is a great way to maintain your cool.

  • A break from all the craziness helps to put things back into perspective so you can renew your focus on the goals at hand.
  • Breathing is very beneficial because it helps to relax the muscles and ease your tension.

Drink lots of water.

Water has more benefits that you would think! In the midst of a hectic schedule, drinking water cools you down physically and also calms your spirit and nerves. Keep some water nearby and take a drink whenever you notice that things have started to get a little crazy!

Always remind yourself that, although there’s a lot of stuff happening that needs your attention, you can only tackle them one at a time. If you break down the madness into individual, attainable steps, you’ll find it much easier to push through the chaos.

Give yourself the chance to be the winner you know you are with these strategies!