Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Crafting Your Killer Mission Statement

Ever feel like the pressure of leading is like wrestling an octopus while running a marathon? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But there’s something that’ll get you through: a high-octane, heart-thumping mission!

First off, without a mission that turns up the volume on your inner rockstar, surviving the pressures of leadership will be like trying to do a triple backflip without a trampoline. And second, would you follow a leader who wasn’t rocking out to a compelling and all-encompassing purpose? Meh, didn’t think so!

So, leader-in-the-making, what’s your Billboard-topping mission that helps you take all the chaos in stride each day? The catchier your tune—the more passionate and compelling your purpose—the higher your chances for sustained grooves and moves. Plus, your employees and colleagues will be more likely to join your dance-off.

Let’s get some thinking music going with a quick jam session—or, you know, a fun little worksheet.

  • First, what are the so-called “selfish” reasons you wake up every day ready to conquer the world? And what epic wins satisfy your soul?
  • And is there a part of your work that makes your heart pound like a kick drum? That’s passion, my friend!
  • Next on the setlist: what are the higher notes you aim for when you work? How are you dropping a wicked drum solo that makes a positive impact in this world?

Struggling with the last two questions? No sweat—everyone has a creative block now and then. Ask yourself this: Are those “selfish” motivations enough to keep your leadership groove going? And will others find your “selfish” motivations inspiring enough to become your bandmates on this world tour?

If you can say “heck yeah!” to both, then pull out the confetti cannon—congrats! If not, it might be time for a riff on the importance of having a headliner in your work—contributing to a cause that gets you and your colleagues fist-pumping!

Now, here’s the encore: translate those answers into a statement that’ll keep you amped even when the gig gets tough.

Want some inspiration? Check these out:

  • “I’m feeding the world, one grain at a time!” – Big Cheese at an agricultural production company
  • “I want people to conquer work and life like they’re headlining Coachella!” – Maestro of business cards and stationery
  • “I’m building a world as homey and clean as your mother’s house on a Sunday afternoon!” – Boss at a company putting toilets where toilets haven’t gone before

So, what’s your headline act? Give yourself permission to dream big and bold—it’s time for your grand entrance on the entrepreneurial stage. With a solid vision and a purpose filled mission, you’ve got this, rockstar!