Beyond SMART: Goal Setting for Fearless Entrepreneurs

Hey there! Let’s talk about goals, shall we? Now, we’ve all heard about SMART goals. They say it’s gotta be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. But here’s the thing, girl, those goals might not be enough if you’re aiming for greatness. 

Picture this: You’re dreaming of a fabulous 3-day workweek, jet-setting around the globe, and having enough dough to fund not just one, but three mission trips. Those run-of-the-mill SMART goals won’t cut it for such big dreams, honey. No way! They won’t take you where your heart truly desires to go. In fact, they might even hold you back, can you believe it?

No Limits

Imagine setting an “attainable” goal of earning just 10% more than last year. So, you work a little extra, spend a tad more on ads and product creation, and reach out to a few more potential clients. And voila! You hit that 10% mark. Not too shabby, right? Well, hold your horses, girl. Did that goal truly ignite a fire in your soul? Or did it inadvertently set a sneaky limit on your earning potential? A limit that you’re struggling to break through?

Ignite a Fire

Now, here’s the secret sauce: Successful and savvy entrepreneurs don’t settle for attainable and realistic goals. Oh no, they go big or go home, babe! They reach for the stars by setting goals that feel out of reach, even downright UN-attainable. They don’t aim for a measly 10% increase. Heck no! They want 50%, 100%, or even more! They push themselves to the limit, finding innovative ways to do things better, so they don’t have to work twice as hard, but they’re willing to hustle when needed, at least in the short term.

But hey, hold up a minute! I’m not saying you can just wish for crazy goals and expect the universe to hand them to you on a silver platter. No, no, no! That’s not how it works, my friend. The real magic lies in ditching those SMART goals and embracing the “holy cow, how will I ever do THAT?” goals. That’s where the real growth happens. By shattering those self-imposed limits and going after the seemingly impossible, you unleash your true potential.

Fuel Your Goals

Sure, you might not double your income overnight, but trust me, girl, you’re bound to surpass that measly 10% increase by a landslide. So don’t be afraid to push those boundaries, set audacious goals, and dream bigger than ever before. Even if you stumble and fall along the way, you’ll still be light-years ahead of where those safe goals would’ve left you.

Remember, you’re a force to be reckoned with, a trailblazer in the making. So, go out there, break free from the shackles of attainable, and soar to new heights. Your dreams are waiting for you, and I know you’ve got what it takes to make them a reality. Get out there, girl, and let the world see the unstoppable entrepreneur within you!