Simple Ways to Become More Accountable

Having difficulty with your productivity? Feeling overwhelmed? It’s time to look at your accountability and give it a boost.

To be more accountable in your life, it’s essential to understand what being accountable really means. When you are “accountable” it means that you have responsibility for something and you admit it whether it’s a success, a mistake, or an out and out failure. If you want to become more accountable, which will make you a more trustworthy person who seems more authentic, try out these 10 ways to be more accountable.

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Boosting Optimism Boosts Productivity

Optimism needs to be cultivated and nurtured. It’s a mindset that you can create. Some people are more optimistic than others. However, did you know that you can learn to become more optimistic? If you are committed to boosting your optimism, you will be surprised at the opportunities it provides.

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Be More Assertive When You’re Shy

The very first thing you need to do if you want to be more assertive in your communications is to understand what assertive is and what it isn’t. Being assertive does not mean that you are aggressive. You don’t have to be rude to be assertive. In short, assertiveness simply means that you stand up for yourself, speak up at the time that it’s needed, and respect the rights of others.

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Your Positive Attitude Affects Your Performance

If you struggle to reach optimum performance mentally, physically, and emotionally, it could be your attitude is getting in the way. Studies show a positive correlation between having a positive attitude and performing optimally. In fact, multiple studies back the idea that a positive attitude directly affects performance in a good way while a negative attitude lowers your performance in all ways.  

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Do You Really Know Your Ideal Client?

We’ve all done the exercise. It’s the first thing you’re taught when you first start your business: Create an ideal client avatar.

This vision of your ideal client guides everything you do, including pricing (you can’t charge that single mom as much as you can the CEO of a Fortune 500 company), pain points (mom probably isn’t worried about shareholders), and even the color of your logo.

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Crush Your Fear To Be More Outgoing

Many famous actors and comedians, despite their success, confess to being shy or to having social anxiety. Shocking, isn’t it? They are in front of others and a camera every day doing their thing and doing it well. These folks appear outgoing and fearless, yet they are uncomfortable and oftentimes fearful.

So, how can you apply this same fearlessness to your life? Try some of these ideas and see how much more outgoing you become.

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