How Many Hours Do You Waste Each Day?

Some people argue that life is too short. Others believe that life is plenty long enough, provided you don’t waste too much of it. Either way, there’s no arguing that most of us probably waste at least a couple of hours each day. That time could be spent in a more constructive fashion.

Think about how much you could have accomplished over the last 10+ years with just one well-utilized hour each day. Continue reading “How Many Hours Do You Waste Each Day?”

Hectic Schedule? 4 Ways to Maintain Your Cool in the Chaos

Do your days seem to include more chaos than peace lately?

You set a plan in motion to accomplish specific tasks and feel like the plan is well underway when something unexpected happens to disturb the flow… and all of a sudden, your day goes from manageable and controlled to hectic and chaotic.

It’s so easy to lose your cool in a scenario like this, especially if you felt poised to hit your targets to begin with. With so much happening, staying calm can be quite the challenge! And the worst part is that more and more days seem to end up this way. Continue reading “Hectic Schedule? 4 Ways to Maintain Your Cool in the Chaos”

3 Places You’re Leaving Money on the Table

Good business coaches are able to look at a company objectively, ask pertinent questions, and guide the owner through the process of creating a plan for future growth. Consider a business coach your objective third party, the one who can sort through the processes that work and those that don’t work and help mold the company into a profitable entity. Continue reading “3 Places You’re Leaving Money on the Table”