What is Employee Engagement?


“I love my job!” How many times do we hear this from an employee? Better yet, how many employees actually mean it? Many organizations do not have a focus on employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Definition

Employee engagement is defined as a property of the relationship between a company and its employees. An employee who is “engaged” is fully invested in and enthusiastic about their work. They take pride in what they do. An employee that is engaged does whatever they can to further the organizations reputation and to help them achieve their goals.

In my experiences, an employee that feels like their input matters and that feels like part of the team, produces more and is willing to go above and beyond to help the organization. All too often employees feel like they are just a number in a sea of other numbers. One tool that may help with determining the general attitude that the employees have towards the organization is by having them fill out a short survey about the company. The key to this survey is to keep it short. As with any other survey, people do not want to fill out a lengthy one. Hit on the key points and keep it to a minimum. This may shine some light on areas that may need some help in making the employees feel more engaged and that their work is important to the organization. A company should not just have employees that do their jobs; they should have people that feel like they are in a career. If companies continue to misunderstand and mishandle employee engagement, this will directly affect the mission, goals, and vision of their organization.

My question to you is this; do you know how your employees feel about your organization and how well it engages them? If you said no, then maybe it’s time to start engaging your employees.