10 Habits of Influencers

Influencers. Those individuals are highly regarded and sought out. Want to increase your influence? Follow in the habits of those who have already reached success. Influencers commonly do the following things on the regular. Take a note from them and focus on the following skills.

Become an influencer

Care About Others

Not only do influential people know how to show that they care about people, but they do care. After all, they know that the more connections they have, the larger their sphere of influence becomes.

Be Appreciative

One of the reasons that a person becomes influential is that other people like them. One way to get people to like you is to become more thankful and grateful about your entire life and those who are in it with you.

Future Focused

Other than seeking to learn from mistakes made in the past, an influencer isn’t focused on the past. Instead, they study the past to help them make better choices in the future.

Ask Smart Questions

Understanding things is a lot more vital than making bad choices based on bad information. Therefore, influential people are good at asking smart questions that make a difference. Take a look at these counterintuitive tricks to ask better questions.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learners are often more able to influence others because they always keep learning. When influencers want to know the truth about anything, they take time to research and learn. They may not always have the answers, but they know where to look and how to ask the right questions.

Avoid Being Risk-Averse

Taking risks is an essential component in being able to impact others. Risk taking isn’t just throwing caution to the wind. Develop a mitigation strategy for risks so that you can feel confident about handling any issues that come your way. If you are successfully blazing a trail, others will see you as an influencer and will want to follow.

Know How to Unplug & Rest

Recharging is vital to influencers. They know when to get the rest they need. This includes taking breaks from online activities, such as social media. Influencers also recharge by exploring hobbies that have little to do with their professional lives.

They Know How to Set Goals & Make Plans from Their Goals

Goal setting is an important skill for anyone who wants to be more successful. Learn everything you can about how to set goals and make them happen.

Think Positively (and Smile More)

Attitude has a huge impact on how you look to others. If you always look angry people, will avoid you. If you smile and look at people, you look more open to interacting with others. People are drawn to others who seem at ease, are pleasant, and open.

Develop An Influencer Mindset 

I find that some of these come naturally, while others are traits that need work. Take an inventory on where you are with each one of these and develop a plan to increase your mastery of each. For an advanced strategy, I suggest enrolling in my upcoming workshop, Utilizing Influence.