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Looking for a speaker for your next event? Want to step away from the featured “star lecturer” bit and change things up?


Learn the secrets to bring organization to chaotic processes, projects, and environments.


Find out how to put your ideas into action to help your business grow.


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Strategic Coaching Is The Backbone of a Successful Business!

Let’s face it, it’s tough owning and running a business! Our mission is to equip leaders with the tools, training, and inspiration so that they can achieve and grow. I focus on helping entrepreneurs, micro businesses, and small businesses put their ideas into action.

Increase profitability

Develop solid strategies

Discover tactics

Build a great team

Free up your time

Increase value

Our Focus

Helping entrepreneurs, micro businesses, and small businesses put their ideas into action.


Your business is your passion. We can help that passion thrive by sharing time-management strategies that will allow you to keep your focus on growth and success.

Quality & Growth

All growing businesses hit plateaus. We will guide you through proven methods that will help to scale your business with minimal sacrifice.


Having enough cash to cover the bills is a must for any business. Building a business, delivering a quality product, and running the business can be tricky. This split focus can be difficult to manage.

About Us

Ever since the glorious year of 2007, Castle Thunder Consulting has been on a mission to equip small business owners with rock-solid strategies to establish a foundation that’s as sturdy as a medieval fortress. We’re all about helping you lay the groundwork for success and providing you with the tools to grow, grow, grow!


“Angela Edwards is a first class professional. She’s not good at her work. She’s outstanding. Her expertise in technology amazes me. She can analyze the situation, come up with a solution, and explain it in simple terms that even those of us who are not as gifted in this area as she is can understand. Angela lives with a “can-do” attitude and thus helps businesses and individuals succeed.”

Yvonne Ortega

Moving from Broken to Beautiful™ LLC

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4 Mistakes That Can Sink Your Startup

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