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Your business is your passion. We can help that passion thrive by sharing time-management strategies that will allow you to keep your focus on growth and success.

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All growing businesses hit plateaus. We will guide you through proven methods that will help to scale your business with minimal sacrifice.


Having enough cash to cover the bills is a must for any business. Building a business, delivering a quality product, and running the business can be tricky. This split focus can be difficult to manage.

Here's How We Can Work Together

Angela is a one of those unique people who has the skills to fill any role on a project. While at Circuit City she worked on some very challenging projects that required her to wear many different hats at the same time while ensuring things were moving forward. Her well honed negotiating and planning skills served her well. If I had my choice of who to work with on a project I would choose Angela.

-Stephen Mathes, SunTrust

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